Cedar Dock

Niccum Cedar Docks:  Built to Last

Every Niccum Cedar Dock begins with a strong steel backbone.

welderTo ensure long life and strength our steel manufacturing process includes several advantages. To begin, we use only the highest quality steel tubing. Not all steel is the same. In fact, there are many differences in the alloy breakdown, which directly contribute to the strength and "spring" of steel tubing. To control these variables, Niccum Dock works directly with select steel mills that forge custom tubing to the exact high carbon alloy specifications set forth by our engineer. All of our tubing is high tensile strength rated and tested. All welding and fabrication of framework and welded accessories is completed in our manufacturing facility in Rockford, Minnesota. Experienced welders take time and care to assure that crucial welded seams receive a strong, long-lasting steel bond.

Milled Steel

In addition to the welding process, NICCUM uses the highest quality custom milled steel transition stampings. These stampings are used to provide a steel transition between two pieces of tubing.

Milled Steel

The strength of these stampings, and the welds that hold them into place are one of the most vital factors of the manufacturing process. It is for this reason that every NICCUM Dock uses the industry's thickest gauge steel transition stamping and most thorough welds to secure their placement.

Milled Steel

Along with the transition stampings another key component that must endure years of use and stress are the welded setscrews sockets. These sockets allow for the seasonal adjustment and installation of the NICCUM Dock System. All NICCUM set screws are custom milled and are specifically engineered with beveled edges to allow for strong weld bonds. Also, NICCUM set screw sockets are extra deep to allow increased thread travel which provides strength and long-life.

Once all of the welding fabrication is complete, all steel components are "hot dipped galvanized" to give them a corrosion proof industrial coating inside and out which prohibits rust and ensures a clean "like new" appearance for years to come. Even non-fabricated steel components such as the down pipe which is used to anchor the NICCUM Dock system to the underwater ground is pre-cut to custom lengths and then is galvanized to ensure corrosion free service for years to come.

All Niccum Cedar Dock Systems use custom milled 100% Western Old Growth Red Cedar.

g Western Old Growth Red Cedar

By using Western Old Growth Red Cedar exclusively in our manufacturing process instead of mixing aesthetic cedar components with weaker underside materials such as pine, a NICCUM Cedar Dock utilizes all of the benefits of one of Mother Nature's finest creations! Old Growth cedar is one of the most highly desired natural exterior construction materials available today! Its low knot content provides strength while its natural ability to resist rotting and its bold golden-red appearance make the NICCUM Cedar Dock System our most popular seller. To add to its natural ability to withstand the elements of the outdoors, every NICCUM Cedar Dock incorporates five key manufacturing processes. First, all boards are precision planed which provides a smooth surface that helps seal grain pores. Second, all corner edges are custom milled to a radius edge that helps prevent splitting and cracking.

g Western Old Growth Red Cedar

Third, all open grain board ends are sealed with wax to prevent moisture penetration, thus extending the life of the wood. Fourth, all wood components are bonded with specially formulated construction adhesive, which actually welds the wood together. Finally, custom fabricated "hot dipped galvanized" chipper tip screws are used to anchor the boards in place. Unlike a conventional deck screw, the specially designed chipper point acts as both a drill bit and a screw.

Milled Steel

As the screw is driven into place, the chipper point pre drills the screw hole, which prevents splitting, and cracking and provides a stronger, long lasting grip.

NICCUM Cedar Dock is available in both 5/4 Cedar Decks (strongest, best seller) and our premium Clear Cedar Decks. All cedar decks are delivered without application of any wood preservative or stain. However, custom staining and preservatives can be applied for additional cost.

NICCUM Cedar Dock Systems are available in four widths: 39 Inch standard, 60 Inch Sundeck., 39 Inch standards can be combined side by side for a 7 foot walkway, or the 60 Inch Sundecks can be combined side by side for a 10 foot walkway.

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