Polypropene Dock

Shoreline erosion control:  Protect your property

Transform an eroding shoreline into a spectacular launch pad for all of your lake activities!

Enhancing your lakefront is a proven equity investment. As Lake Minnetonka's most experienced work boat and barge crew, our exclusive partnership with TNT Enterprises aligns our clients with the largest and most heavy duty barge equipment. Full size cranes, backhoes, and heavy equipment aboard the largest work barges allow us to provide our customers with the most thorough soil and slope preparation possible which transforms your lakefront into a gentle slope of tightly placed boulder, granite, or limestone rock. The size of our equipment and over 50 years of experience as Lake Minnetonka's premier on-water construction and excavation company assure NICCUM customers the best shoreline possible. Our signature gentle sloped boulder installation incorporates the largest boulders to ensure the strongest shoreline protection. In addition to shoreline enhancement services, TNT Enterprises designs and constructs the area's toughest permanent dock structures. From municipal docks at the City of Wayzata and Excelsior to the strongest commercial marina and restaurant docks around Lake Minnetonka, our superior equipment allows us to use the largest and strongest pilings. A NICCUM boathouse can be added to any permanent structure to protect your boating investment.

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