Titan Dock

Titan Decking:  Built to Last

Our newest decking system! Titan Decking is the latest addition to the Niccum product line.

We are proud to introduce the industries most refined synthetic decking system. A combination of high-tech polypropene and aluminum integrated superstructure provide best of both worlds: Longlasting, weatherproof look of uv resistant polypropylene with the built-in strength and rigidity of aluminum. Niccum Titan Deck systems are available in desert tan but can be custom ordered in the color of your choosing! The anodized side boards (an industry exclusive) are avaiable in bronze or clearcoat aluminum. Niccum Titan Decks are maintenance-free and incorporate an integrated non-slip walking surface navigable by the most timid bare foot! Niccum Titan Decks have important safety features built-in by design. The vented non skid surfaces quickly wick away water and eliminate pooling. In addition, the vented surface does not conduct heat and will remain cool to the toes on a hot day! Titan decking is a great way to update an aging wood dock, Ask us how you can give your dock the Niccum Titan makeover!

Milled Steel

In addition to the welding process, NICCUM uses the highest quality custom milled steel transition stampings. These stampings are used to provide a steel transition between two pieces of tubing.

Milled Steel

The strength of these stampings, and the welds that hold them into place are one of the most vital factors of the manufacturing process. It is for this reason that every NICCUM Dock uses the industry's thickest gauge steel transition stamping and most thorough welds to secure their placement.

Milled Steel

Along with the transition stampings another key component that must endure years of use and stress are the welded setscrews sockets. These sockets allow for the seasonal adjustment and installation of the NICCUM Dock System. All NICCUM set screws are custom milled and are specifically engineered with beveled edges to allow for strong weld bonds. Also, NICCUM set screw sockets are extra deep to allow increased thread travel which provides strength and long-life.

Once all of the welding fabrication is complete, all steel components are "hot dipped galvanized" to give them a corrosion proof industrial coating inside and out which prohibits rust and ensures a clean "like new" appearance for years to come. Even non-fabricated steel components such as the down pipe which is used to anchor the NICCUM Dock system to the underwater ground is pre-cut to custom lengths and then is galvanized to ensure corrosion free service for years to come.

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